Search Engine Optimization

On the technical side, by default, most website designs lack certain characteristics that make it easier for search engines to index them, and to understand what they’re about. I can ensure that your website’s technical structure adheres to Google’s Best Practices for search engine visibility and relevance, so that Google (and other major search engines) understand that your website is a relevant search result for keywords related to your business.

Toward that end, I offer both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. I can optimize both sites that I am currently building (covered under the WordPress SEO services below) so they hit the ground with a running start, and I can also audit and then optimize websites that are already built (covered under the Search Engine Marketing service below).

WordPress SEO: Basic

Technical SEO Fundamentals
With the installation of the Yoast SEO Plugin, and some other modifications, I will ensure that your website is properly structured according to Search Engine Best Practices. This will ensure that your website is crawled and indexed. Without this basic foundation, showing up in Google or other search engines is all but impossible.

Development Time: Approximately 3 hours. Price assumes that this is an upgrade for a website that I’m building.


  • permalink setup
  • proper folder/directory structure
  • internal linking setup
  • proper redirection of pages (if necessary)
  • canonicalization (if necessary)
  • robots.txt creation and customization
  • XML sitemap creation and submission


WordPress SEO: Intermediate

Technical SEO Fundamentals + On-Page Optimization
With this service, I also conduct comprehensive keyword research to uncover the search terms that your business is most relevant for, are most used in search engines to find businesses like yours, and have the most traffic associated with them. After selecting the best and most relevant of those terms, I will optimize pages on your website to rank for them by changing the page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and on-page copy to incorporate them in a natural, readable way.

Development Time: Approximately 10 hours (more if your site is large). Price assumes that this is an upgrade for a website that I’m building.


  • All of the technical, structural optimizations of the Basic WordPress SEO service, above.
  • Keyword Research
  • Market Research
  • On-page Optimization (meta titles, meta description, on-page copy – based on keyword and market research)
  • Image optimization (image alt tags)

Additionally, I will set up Google Webmaster Tools for your website, and provide a tutorial on how to use it. Google Webmaster Tools will provide you with basic metrics related to website traffic and search impressions (how many times you showed up in Google), and aid with troubleshooting many technical issues that can arise with your website.


WordPress SEO: Complete

Technical SEO Fundamentals + On-Page Optimization + Local Search Optimization

Development Time: Approximately 20 hours (more if your site is large). Price assumes that this is an upgrade for a website that I’m building.

With this service, I include all of the optimization efforts from the Basic and Intermediate SEO Services, but I will also set up Google Analytics tracking on your website, so that every metric associated with traffic, lead generation, and conversions can be tracked, such as:

  • Overall site traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Organic Search traffic
  • Pay-Per-Click campaign traffic (if applicable)
  • Email campaign traffic (if applicable)
  • Conversions/Event Tracking (such as contact form submissions or file downloads)

The data collected from Google Analytics will help shape the digital marketing strategy we employ for your business, as well as show the progress your website makes as the SEO strategies I’ve used take hold, and your traffic increases. I will also teach you how to understand the data collected by Google Analytics, and set up custom reporting dashboards to make finding the information you want as easy as clicking a button.

Additionally, I will set up, properly configure, and obtain citations for a Google+ Local page for your business. Optimizing a Google+ Local page will greatly enhance the chances of landing your business on the first page of results in Google for searches with local intent, bringing your business that much closer to connecting with your target audience. I will also teach you how to manage your Google+ Local page, so you can make changes and updates yourself.


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